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Antifouling is a specialised coating that is applied to the hull of your boat to slow the growth of organisms that attach to the your boat whilst your boat is in the water for prolonged periods, and it does effect the performance  of your boat if it is not managed correctly.

It also acts as a barrier against corrosion on metals hulls, and unfortunately it is something that is needed no matter what the circumstances are.

Regular maintenance on your boat either yearly or 18 monthly, is what is normally expected before the antifoul becomes to heavy with growth, ie: barnacles and algae growth, this is all dependant on the age of your boat and how good your previous antifoul was, and who applied it, and how much you use your boat, if your Antifoul is not applied in the correct manner, it will peel off within months of putting your boat back in the water, even your Electrolysis will cause issues if it is not checked on your boat.

We take the hard work out of Antifouling your boat, we can even arrange to have your boat lifted out of the water for you, dried, rubbed back, patched then either rolled on with Antifoul or Sprayed with Antifoul to give your boat a fresh new antifoul.

It is hard work getting your boat ready for this procedure and some clients prefer us to manage the whole side of it for them, from the lift out of the water to placing the boat back in the pen for their client, ready for them to use again.

Antifoul needs to be applied in a special manner, so you don’t get any bubbles in the paint, causing the bubbles to break sooner than they should. When bubbles appear in your Antifoul, it means that it has not been applied correctly, so call the professionals to make sure that this does not happen to your boat.

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